EIX Consulting comprises a small team of dedicated and experienced individuals specializing in control systems consulting and programming. The core members individually possess over 25 years of experience working at the highest level of system design and implementation.

Crestron Authorised Independent Programmer
Extron Authorized Programmer


By combining the skills of control systems programming, electronic engineering, information technology and graphic design, EIX offers the industry exceptional expertise in the field of control systems. 99% of our jobs are by direct referrals, a testament to our level of client satisfaction and our commitment to excellence.


The team has a long history specializing in control and as part of this specialization, we have extensive training in many well-known brands. We strive to provide what a client wants rather than lock our clients to brands that we are dealers for. Nonetheless, in some cases we will make recommendations based on reliability, manufacturer support (particularly in the country where the job is) amongst other factors based on our experience. Whilst we are authorised dealers for many established brands, we do not distribute any products and strive to be brand agnostic so as to maintain no conflict of interest.